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01 Feb

Writing in the Saudi Gazette, columnist Abdullah Al-Alweet said it was "high time" the practice was brought to an end."This traditional system should be removed completely as demanded by women activists and it should not be continued as a culture or custom," he said.

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The Saudis themselves were not perturbed by the document.[4] But when the brochure went up on the department's website, the American Muslim Council demanded its removal, calling it "hurtful," "derogatory and biased." In February 2000, the department removed the document from its website for "revision," but it was never replaced.This might include gold, jewellery and clothing and is usually of considerable value.After the dowry settlement comes the actual marriage contract, which is conducted by a legal or religious representative.As is the case in some Latin countries, young couples in the region are allowed to meet under the watchful eye of a chaperon.In some of the stricter Gulf societies, however, the marriage is arranged without any part of the female partner’s body (including her face) having been seen by the prospective groom, who must rely on the reports of his female relatives as to his wife’s appearance. First, the groom must discuss and agree the dowry with the bride’s father.