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15 Jan

Dawn Wells has said she never saw Tina act like a diva. When the old Hollywood Kids did an interview with Dawn, they asked her impressions of the GI castmates. When asked of TL, she said tersely "let's just say "beautiful." Tina was said to be famous for giving head to former CBS president Jim Aubrey, who was the model for Jackie Susann's "The Love Machine."Tina did a great job as the Honeybees.She and Natalie did their own singing and Dawn was dubbed by Carol Connors from the Teddy Bears with Phil Spector.

Tina Louise has achieved legendary status through neither her work nor her private life. In a 1963 newspaper article about beauty, Robin Douglas-Home, nephew of the then British Prime Minister, declared "No black and white picture can ever do justice to Tina Louise".

Your Hollywood debut in 1958 in Anthony’s Erskine Caldwell filming of God’s Little Acre-for which she received a Golden Globe Award as best young actress. There she played in 1960 in the sandals movies Archimedes – the Lion of Syracuse and Sappho, Venus of Lesbos and in Roberto Rossellini’s Viva l’Italia! However, after her return their Hollywood career did not quite get off the ground.

1964-67 played it then the role, which has to this day influenced their image most lasting.

Many people in show business become famous, but only a handful become legends.

Of that handful, most become legends though their work: Fred Astaire and Duke Ellington, Bing Crosby and Cyd Charisse.